• On your behalf I will try to revisit all of the pubs on all of the crawls over the next few months (hic!). This page will contain details on any pubs that have now closed or changed etc. with suggested alternatives in the area.
  • I plan several other changes, now I've got (re)started, over the next month or two.

Keep checking this page or (better still!) let me know what you find: - aidan@alpc.co.uk
Southwark checked early August 2002  
Grapes now St. Christopher's Tavern to be reviewed
Wheatsheaf Now owned by Youngs brewery  
The Globe Recently refurbished  
Angel to be checked  
Fitzrovia checked early August 2002  
Grafton Recently refurbished  
Valiant Trooper ? still to be checked  
King & Queen  Looks like it's been done up  
Angel II to be checked  
Marylebone checked early August 2002  
Prince Regent More modern look i.e. wooden floor  
Black Horse it is no more, senor  
Rising Sun Closed for refurbishment  
Clerkenwell checked early August 2002  
Little Litten Haven't checked - bet it's gone  
Mayfair to be checked  
The Thames to be checked  
  Pretty sure they're all present & unchanged  
A Brush with the law to be checked  
Yorkshire Grey No longer brews it's own beers  
Smithfield Give us a chance