• This is where I put reviews of old pubs that no longer exist or have changed a lot since the first review..don't ask me why, maybe someone cares or maybe they will be needed one day or maybe I just can't bring myself to throw them out.
  • I'll add the original hand-drawn and, therefore "definitely not to scale" maps here soon.

Should they stay or should they go (as Joe Strummer once (almost) said) -
Pub The Past Crawl
Grapes The Grapes (Courage)
A pub which has two distinct bars, the front one (entered from Borough High St.)resembles a cafe and serves food with which one can partake of fine wine or a pint of booze. It was empty when I visited. The rear, more conventional bar (entered from the alley at the side) was slightly more populated. It is a Courage pub which means draught Best & Directors (although Directors was not on at the last visit, the Best was good). The pub is a game-player's delight featuring several fruit machines, video games and pinball tables. A jukebox plays (music, not pinball) and there is a room at the back in which bands/discos and, no doubt, the odd karaoke takes place. This is a genuine old British pub, and one which you can't imagine appearing in too many tourist guide books.

Crossing the road and (staggering?) back a little we find...

Black Horse

The Black Horse (freehouse) Whereas the last two pubs have been lively and crowded, this one allows us to relax and enjoy the pleasures of good conversation (come back!). A traditional pub serving Courage Best, London Pride and Stella Artois. Thai food is served upstairs at the Lamluang Garden while downstairs is for stuffed fish. Old photos of the area are the other decorative features and an extremely large screen TV (1960s style) dominates the area near the windows (which are stylishly draped in this years ‘in’ colour, chocolate brown). To complete the ‘cutting edge’ feel, the ceiling is of a similar hue.