The Crawls
Southwark - first walked 10th December 1993.  Last checked August 2002
Angel - first walked 9th December 1994, last checked ages ago
Fitzrovia - first walked 8th December 1995, last checked August 2002
First midsummer crawl - 21st June 1996, last checked ages ago
Marylebone - first walked December 1996, last checked August 2002
Clerkenwell - first walked December 1997, last checked ages ago
Mayfair - first walked  January 1999, last checked ages ago
A stroll along the Thames - first walked December 1999, last checked recently
A brush with the law - first walked Dec 2000, last checked recently
Smithfields -  first walked Dec 2001, last checked recently
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So....if you ever feel that you need the warming medium of a pub crawl to lift your spirits and improve your knowledge of London, print the crawl, add times to suit and mail to your friends.

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Aidan's LondonPub Crawls
last updatedAugust 2008
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All of these pub crawls have been extensively tested by various dedicated crawl 'teams'.

For the crawls, I used the text here with various 'appropriate' illustrations. Each crawl began at 18:00 hours (after work!) and about 45 minutes was spent in each pub.

Aidan rarely ventures outside Zone 1, and his tours tend towards the verbose (bloody cheek). However, he is keen to pass on his knowledge of local history; his maps are "definitely not to scale". Sept 2000.
Next, simply add alcohol and stir well.

If you have any comments about these crawls or about other London pubs, please let me know. Cheers!